Congregational Church of Northridge
Client: Internal
Release date: June 2012

This still existing church in Northridge, which was designed and built by A. Quincy Jones and Frederick E. Emmons, is still one of my favorite buildings in California.

Jones was a Los Angeles-based architect who shared the goal of reinventing architecture as a way of redefining the way people lived in postwar America. He is primarily known for his residential work, but he also designed commercial spaces, churches and university projects.

Northridge’s tall pyramidal roof with its exposed frame conveys a sense of grandeur. Inside, hanging cylindrical lights further emphasize the height and geometric simplicity of the building. The exposed natural materials have darkened with age, emphasizing the feeling of entering a sacred space of the past where congregations were humbled by silence. No architecture plans were available, so this 3D scene was modeled by looking at the great photos in the recommendable book “A. Quincy Jones” by Cory Buckner, released by Phaidon.