SST – Studio documentation

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Stepping inside the main rooms of the SST company in Frankfurt feels like a journey through time into the past, as not too much of the 1960s interior has changed since the studio openend its doors in 1969. In this beautiful and comfortable ambience, most recent and long-time proven technology are used together to provide a state-of-the-art vinylcut – the fundamental part of the phonograph disk production process.

For the Playroutine crew, filming this aesthetically very appealing working space was quite a pleasure. At SST, the presence of customers during cutting of teir music on the masterdisc is possible and welcome – if you’re in the Frankfurt area, this is something you don’t want to miss.

They have retired – in production

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The new animation series “They have retired” is now in full production. After some greenscreen filming of the main protagonist, now the process of keying, 3D modeling and the preparation for the silkscreen prints is in full flow.

Fortunately Bertram Ritter will keep care of the soundtrack again, and hopefully the first clip will be online for you before summer 2013. In between, here are some sort of online postcard flyers for any kind of distribution.







Eyke Volkmer – SF book cover artist

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Having been a fan of Eyke Volkmer’s graphic work for the German publishing house Wilhelm Goldmann for a long time, it was no big surprise for me that a little online search found the complete cover artwork for the science fiction paperback series “Goldmanns Weltraum Taschenbuecher” in no time.

Through the very precise and lovingly work of Tommi Brem and his Houdine Nation webpage, all SF book covers of turkish born Eyke Volkmer can be watched at the link below, and even better, there’s also a book covering this work.

Volkmer produced 162 covers for Goldmann’s SF series during the 1960s and 70s, and most of the puristic, abstract minimal artwork still has this special modern touch that is so unique to his style. Wilhelm Goldmann himself must have known that he had a very talented man at the right place – it is delivered that he once commented on Volkmer’s work that “It doesn’t look like that in outer space.” At the same time, he encouraged Volkmer to keep on, knewing no one else was doing the same style at all.
more great sf book covers:

volkmer_01 volkmer_02 volkmer_03 volkmer_04 volkmer_05 volkmer_06 volkmer_07

All illustrations copyright by Eyke Volkmer,
copyright in the depicted publications: Wilheilm Goldmann Verlag

“It’s a small world” scans

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Three years ago, our semi-nostalgic clip “It’s a small world” emerged into the light. It wasn’t very long until it was chosen as a Vimeo staff pick, and since then it was watched about 50.000 times, made it to film festivals all over the world and recieved some funny and interesting comments. Beside some filmed footage, all images that were used in this clip were taken from a photoalbum I bought for $5 at the Melrose Trading Post, a very nice weekly fleamarket located in the Miracle Mile district in Los Angeles. If you are around, visiting Canter’s Deli at 419 North Fairfax Avenue is a must – with all the welcoming ambiance combined with the nostalgic charm of the 1950’s decor, it was the perfect surrounding to have a closer look at the bleached out photos in this bargain buy of the day.

Now, for the 3rd birthday of the “small world” clip, here are the original scans of all images in the album – most of them weren’t used, so there’s a good chance for a follow-up at some future day.

And please don’t throw away your old images, send them to the Playroutine home studio instead, OK?