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ISO 50 blog / Scott Hansen

By September 4, 2012November 15th, 2014Graphic design, Music


ISO50 is the playground of San Francisco-based graphic designer and electronic musician Scott Hansen. I became aware of his work via the vinyl version of his band Tycho latest album “Dive”, noticing that he was also responsible for the nice cover artwork. One can lose oneself in his neverending inspirational blog, and I can really recommend to give every link in there a click.
He says: “I am no idealogue, and certainly not an intellectual when it comes to design. I hold no college degree and have never been studied design. I have, however, independently practised graphic design for almost ten years and at this point I feel I have a good grasp of what types of design I enjoy and what styles inform my own work.”

“Obviously I do a good deal of looking back when it comes to inspiration. I feel the design that blossomed from the Bauhaus movement and came of age in the 1960’s was the Zenith of an art form whose importance would fade away as Television, and later the Internet, took over the reigns of visual communication thus effectively transform the medium.”
Scott Hansens’s band Tycho reflects the visual output: the music is filled with warm mellow grooves, and all who are surfing on the chillwave sound and all fans of Boards of Canada should give it a listen. It reflects the relaxed feeling of a warm sunset without getting cheesy…



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