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Graphic design

Ashdecon screenprints

By Graphic design, Inhouse production, Screenprints

At the end of 2021, six images of the Ashdecon series got finally screenprinted on high quality 300g/m2 paper. All in different quantities below 20, signed and numbered on the front. Papersize is 45 x 60cm.

Hopefully the prints will be part of some future exhibition – I’ll keep you updated. Much more screenprints will see the light of day very soon!

Ashdecon I
Screenpint 2021, edition of 16

Ashdecon II
Screenpint 2021, edition of 16

Ashdecon III
Screenpint 2021, edition of 15

Ashdecon IV
Screenpint 2021, edition of 15

Ashdecon V
Screenpint 2021, edition of 10

Ashdecon VI
Screenpint 2021, edition of 8

Displacement Textures in Redshift

By Graphic design, Software

Since a few month I’ve changed from the Vray render system to the Redshift renderer in C4D – a good decision when it comes to flicker free animations. Here’s some test renderings with organic texture maps used as a displacement material using Redshift, render time each under a minute.

Ashdecon stills

By Film, Graphic design, Inhouse production, Software

A special renderpass in Redshift was leading to these results – for sure a special aesthetics that I like a lot as the scenes get back to a flat, analogue and almost painted feeling.

These are my favorite renderings of Ashdecon, plan is to get the files screenprinted on paper one day in a small edition.

Print now – Riot later

By Graphic design, Inhouse production, Screenprints

During the last couple of years, we’ve been screen printing a lot, and now we can finally announce out loud that we just have opened our new online shop and website for all printed goodies. We are delighted to finally offer a big variety of posters, stickers and shirts on our site, and much more is planned for the near future.

At the moment, we’re not shipping outside the US as we haven’t found a system yet to send mailing tubes internationally at a reasonable price, but that might change hopefully soon. So please have a look at our brandnew colorful website right here: