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November 2018

The White Crow – new musicvideo for Eric Schlappi

By Film, Inhouse production, Tucson

Due to various circumstances like jobs, holiday, testing different software for greenscreen keying and also hanging around in the sun or dive bars, this new musicvideo took much longer to finish than expected. Eric Schlappi provides the opening track of his nice album “Kurald Emerlahn” – if you’re located at the US westcoast, go and see him performing at various spots in the Portland/Oregon area – his livesets with crazy modular synth equipment setups are great.

The premiere for this clip took place in Lobo/Texas during this year’s days of the Desert Dust Cinema.

The stage and surrounding for Sarah’s dance for the creatures is an almost exact replica of the Grosses Schauspielhaus -great theatre- in Berlin, a good example for German expressionist architecture in the times after the first world war (architect: Hans Poelzig). Of course it was described by the Nazis as “Entartete Kunst”, and so the famous stalactite cave looking decoration was removed in 1938. After WWII the city of Berlin took over the facility, and the building was renamed Friedrichstadt-Palast.

Software: Modeled in C4D, rendered with Vray.