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November 2013

They have retired – Production stills

By Film, Inhouse production

Everyone who kept an eye on this news section may have noticed that the new inhouse animation “They have retired” had been announced for summer 2013. This intent turned out to be just a bit to optimistic as some small, not so small and also strange work orders took over the timetable. A few more weeks will still be needed to finish this movie.

However, at friday this week all three silkscreen prints that come along with the clip will be produced, and some results will be shown here at the time of the release of our new animation series. In the meantime, here are some production stills so you can be sure that something’s going on in the Playroutine home studios during the last weeks of the year.
Stay tuned.

thr_still_01 thr_still_02 thr_still_03 thr_still_04 thr_still_05 thr_still_06