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October 2013

Karlheinz Dobsky – Lux Lesebogen

By Graphic design, Lost treasures

Published between 1946 and 1964 in post-war Germany, Lux-Lesebogen was a miniature magazine for young people and covered mostly scientific or historical topics. Essential for the success of the encyclopedic magazine (30.000-60.000 were printed bi-weekly) was not only the very affordable price, but also the very modern and unique design by Karlheinz Dobsky.

Especially his ideas for playing around with typography seem to be endless – Dobsky did not use letters already in existence but created all titles by hand, so he could deal with the subject of the magazine in a perfect way. All 410 covers of the Lux-Lesebogen magazine are now published in a book, and on the website for this collection one can examine every single cover of this almost forgotten illustrator.